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Jubilee Investment Certificates

Jubilee Investment Certificates are purchased as three or five year term deposits by individuals, businesses and organizations. The investments are used to provide provide loan guarantees or bridge financing for community economic development projects which normally would not be eligible for loans from the traditional financial institutions.

Our investors are people who want to invest in a caring way by diversifying to the social as well as the financial bottom line and by creating opportunity where none existed before. These funds are pooled together and used as collateral to guarantee loans for community initiatives. The interest received by investors is slightly lower the current market rate. Investors can choose to donate their interest from their certificate to the Jubilee Fund.


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A caring way to invest

Jubilee Investment Certificates offer the investor a better way to diversify: modest levels of financial returns combined with high levels of social return and personal satisfaction. The Jubilee Fund aims to foster long-term local community economic development by investing in projects that build community capacity to create employment, such as small business projects, including worker co-ops, affordable housing and non-profit community projects including non-profit daycares and youth programs.

A smart way to care

Low income groups and individuals lack the financial resources which are usually available to middle and upper-income people. The Fund targets low-income people in and around Winnipeg. Through our investments we aim to promote self-reliance, dignity, self-respect and a better quality of life for healthier communities.

Your investment choices make more than a statement - they make a difference to people’s working & living conditions, local economies, the environment and to your community.

How to Invest in your Community

Jubilee Investment Certificate are purchased as three or five year term deposits. The minimum investment is $1,000. In dollars, the return is a little less than GIC rates. It is the emotional satisfaction that comes from investing in our community that makes the most sense for Jubilee Fund Investors.

The 1% Solution

This exciting new option combines a modest financial return with high levels of community dividend and personal satisfaction. By investing just 1% of your portfolio, your money stays in Manitoba and helps to make a difference in People's lives & our Community.

Jubilee Investment Certificates are not guaranteed and are not recommended for those who can not afford to lose part or all of their investment. The investments are backed up by a 10% loan-loss reserve fund. No investor has ever lost money or had their funds devalued in the Funds' thirteen year history. Jubilee Investment Certificates are administered through Assiniboine Credit Union.

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