The 1% Solution

A Jubilee Fund loan can change someone's world by:

 increasing daycare spaces that will enable the parents the opportunity to be employed, knowing their children are in a safe, loving and early childhood learning environment; 

providing loan guarantees that enable small business owners, worker co-operatives and other community based enterprises to access other funding, to start and/or expand a business and create jobs; and

providing the opportunity for low-income individuals to afford and obtain affordable and safe housing.

The target groups identified by the Jubilee Fund include people often denied by conventional lenders: low-income households and neighbourhoods, inner-city young people, single parents, people with disabilities, Aboriginal people and newcomers. In most cases, our target groups have never been extended this opportunity. Through our investments we aim to promote self-reliance, human dignity, pride and a better quality of life for the individual, families and the healthier communities. While we realize that the Fund can not eradicate poverty in Manitoba or in Winnipeg; it can and does make a difference.

These are the goals the Jubilee Fund hopes to achieve through its ability to provide loan guarantees and bridge financing. The Fund provides an venue for organizations and individuals to help create a more just and caring world. You can be part of the solution to helping individuals obtain a better quality of life.

If you invested just 1% of your investment portfolio to the Jubilee Fund, you would be part of the solution. That 1% investment will provide you with modest levels of financial return combined with emotional satisfaction that comes from investing in your community.

For more information, please contact Jill at 204-975-2650 or

Your investment choices make more than a statement - they make a difference to people's working conditions, local economies, the environment and to your community.